Architects Edinburgh:

A wise man once said that the faster we go into tomorrow, the quicker it is that we forget all the important lessons that we have learned from our yesterdays.  This saying is universal, and is apt for use in many situations that need not include human beings at all.  Take, for example, a city.  The soul of a city is in the monuments and buildings that stand in it, and today, as we  are leaping and bounding into the future, we have forgotten the importance that they hold in our lives, as well as in the lives of our future generations.  Even and after every single inhabitant of a city has passed on, the buildings he or she has so lovingly and diligently constructed stand tall, thus bearing proud testimony to its erstwhile citizenry.


Now that we have touched upon the past of a city, it is time to move to the present.  Whenever one enters a city for the first time, say, for example, a tourist, he or she will form an immediate and nearly permanent judgment about that city based not on its people, but based purely on its look.  This look, of course, is given by the buildings that are present in it.  The architecture that a city has will slowly but surely contribute to its character, and will eventually set its character literally in concrete.  It is, therefore, of great importance that the buildings and monuments in a city are very well taken care of because a blemish on them is as good as a blemish on the character of the city itself.

A great example of a city that is frequented by hordes of tourists all year is Edinburgh.  It is well known, in fact, famous the world over, for its architecture.  Many monuments are of great historical importance in Edinburgh, and these buildings play the important role of holding up the tourism industry of the beautiful city.  It is thus a great responsibility that is borne by the architects of the city, since the care of these aging architectural marvels is exclusively in their capable hands.

Some areas of Edinburgh are in fact synonymous with the type of architecture they boast of, for example, Old town consists of ancient buildings that beautifully showcase Gothic architecture.  New town, on the other hand, consists of modern, technologically up to date styles of architecture.  Architects Edinburgh are responsible for all these buildings.  Another great proverb teaches us that a city is only as good as its people are.  This can be very meaningful even if it is taken the other way – the people of a city are only as good as its architecture is.  If the buildings are well taken care of, it is evident even to a newcomer that the people are res