Braid – The complete Game Review

Braid is a game invented for Xbox 360 and later developed for the PC and playstation 3. It is a mind boggling game that has people wanting to try it for the sheer thrill of it. The hype around it overshadows the mystery for the game as people want to play it just to find out what everyone else is talking about.

Everyone admits that the game is different. Once someone plays the game they become enchanted by it and usually tell their friends how crazy it is. The actual idea and theory behind it takes gaming to a whole new level. And many are surprised that this game was developed by an independent game company. Some people even admit to wanting to play the next game that comes out by the same game company.

The purpose of Braid is to combat levels by collecting puzzle pieces. Now it sounds easy enough, but the challenges lay in the way in which you find the puzzle pieces. Your mind will want to explode as you scurry around in search of puzzle pieces for your collection. And once you collect the amount you need, you can put the pieces of the puzzle together and move on to the next level.

If you get stuck, which many claim that they did, you can check the internet. On there you will find many cheat sheets and advice on how to find puzzle pieces and beat the levels; however the game can be quick to finish once you get started and if you finish it then it will be done. So many advice not to check the internet for answers because that makes your game wiz by instead of getting your money`s worth.

The cool thing about Braid is the ability to move forward in time and head backwards and when you walk backwards, time moves with you.

When you`re playing the game the most common buttons are just the arrow keys. The space bar is to simply jump and the shift button is to control time. Many people love the idea of controlling time while they are attempting to battle missions.

The songs in the game are commended. The songs actually fit into the scenery and they complement each other as the game goes on. When the game is rewinding the music also plays backwards but the sound doesn`t sound too strange.

The graphics on the screen are amazing. Some of the scenes almost look like they are in 3D mode. The detail put into the quality of the artwork may have you believing in the product they are selling.

Creative thinking has to come first in this game. Your mind really needs to stretch and bend for this game. Many people found themselves stuck and just stared at the screen until either they blinked or had someone help them.