Q345B straight seam welded steel pipe

Level of Q345B steel tube Q345A, is do not impact; Grade Q345B, impact is 20 degrees at room temperature; Grade Q345C, impact is 0 degrees; Q345D grade, is 20 degrees Рimpact; Q345E level, it is Рhit 40 degrees. In the impact of different temperature, impact value is also different. Q345A, Q345B, Q345C Q345D, Q345E. And this is the distinction between grade, represents the main is the impact of different temperature and discussion! The material of Q345B steel pipe is a steel tube. Q represents this kind of material yield, the back of the s https://muaxegiatot.com/  https://trongkiem.com.vn/345 is refers to the material yield value, in about 345 mpa, and with the increase of the thickness of the material and reduce the yield value. Usually divided into metric welded steel pipe, welded thin-wall tube, transformer cooling pipe and so on. Compared with the spiral welded pipe: strength generally higher than the straight seam welded pipe, use a narrow billet production of larger diameter welded pipe, you can also use the same width of billet in the production of different pipe diameter welded pipe. But compared with the same length of straight seam pipe, weld length by 30 ~ 100%, and the production speed is low.


Q345b straight seam steel pipe production process

Q345b is straight seam steel pipe weld steel tube and steel tube parallel to the longitudinal, Ann production process is divided into high frequency and submerged arc, docking, thermal expansion, etc. High frequency straight seam production of single, mass production cost is low; Double-sided submerged arc flexible production, production of a wide range, at the moment, I the dragon can produce from 325 mm to 1850 mm diameter steel pipe straight steel tube located at the. Of the specifications of the high frequency can be tailor