Ways to Celebrate Black History Month

Watch Informative Documentaries
Notable Documentaries
“The Black West”: This documentary sheds light on the often-overlooked contributions of African Americans in the American West.
“Abubakari: The Explorer King of Mali”: Learn about the legendary iWonder
iWonder documentaries
Watch documentaries
Best documentaries
free documentaries
animal documentaries
African king who is believed to have explored the Americas before Columbus.

These documentaries have received accolades such as the Gold Apple from the National Educational Media Association and the Telly Award. For more information,

Educational Resources and Activities
Celebrate Diversity
Life Savers and Multicultural Aids: Enhance your celebration with educational posters, t-shirts, and videos. Checkfor more resources.
Multigenerational Celebrations
Songs and Books: Engage with your family through songs and books that celebrate Black history. For a list of recommended materials, vis