BanPro NET announces new Site Licenses for w3 I.D.E.

BanPro NET / Bannon Productions ( has announced a new “Site Licensing” option for their website building software title “w3 I.D.E.”, which provides companies and website owners with a unique marketing option for building their customer base and creating repeat business.

By purchasing a site license option companies get a “w3 I.D.E. presented by…” plug placed into the program window title bars, helping to expand the company brand identity. Site licenses also come with free updates, upgrades and product support for the life of the purchasing company.

An interesting and exciting note is that BanPro NET has continued to go against the grain of traditional software selling by making their site licensing options “one-time-only” purchases valid for the life of the
purchasing company. No license renewal or upgrade fees ever.

BanPro NET first announced their “free upgrades forever” policy with the public release of the educational title “Fun 21 Trivia” in 2001, claiming that they felt users who registered their software were supporting the development of future versions and titles, so deserved to be rewarded for their support rather than exploited by discontinued support for previous versions of titles and costly u