You have to try this, at least, once!

There is a unique freedom of expression that is available with websites/webpages, comparable to none. Text, images, hyperlinks, forms, specialized scripts, counters, clocks, pop-up’s and unders, and thousands of other features, can be easily enough manipulated, to present almost anything that you want, to the on-line world. If you like, access can be limited, to the few people, of your choosing that have/or have access to, yours URL( uniform remote location, or web address).

Limit it to your family, a membership site, or choose to blast it into cyberspace. The latter requires some techniques or lots of techniques.
Add to it, delete it, change or update it, make money from it, reveal your inner-most thoughts, invent your thoughts, invent your graphics, write poetry, suggest cookery tips, suggest tips to avoid cooking, write an article, write an article on not writing articles, write and give away/sell, a book or e-book, publish a publishing site or publish a blank page, seek out subscribers, inform the public, reform the public, write an article on “not being able to reform the public”, write an e-book on “being actually able to reform the public”( possible best seller ), publish a picture of your dog, publish your dog’s delightful bark( sound, if any ), tell everyone about “that time”, tell everyone that you weren’t even there, and finally, suggest to people when they should stop “rambling”.

The latter requires some tact.

Anyone with some disposable income, can do any, or all of the above.
The first thing to do is to register a “domain”. Relatively cheap and usually a one or two year contract. Choose a name for your site. If its not available (already taken, yes!, there are other people with a similar imagination ), you will be told, whereby, you have the choice to “go again”.

Find a “host”. Simply put, it is someone else’s computer where your files are stored and are available 24/7. Some are free, and almost all are available ( use a search engine ). It may often seem complicated, but if you can read this, then it is within your grasp.

There is some technical jargon but you don’t have to take it all in at once. Play around with it instead of “becoming overwhelmed”. There is always an e-mail address for support. I suggest trying to figure it out yourself, at least for a while, as this is part of a learning process.